Thursday, December 21, 2006


Footsteps, originally uploaded by Jonathon Brown.

7s and I went and caught Rocky last night. I went with pretty low expectations. I love going to movies with low expectations because then you can leave and say

"Wow! That was great!"

Which is what I said when we left the theater. It was good, the script, I thought, was great. And the cinematography was really beautiful. Okay, there were a couple of corndog moments (specifically with the photography.... a couple of gratuitous slow-mo moments; a couple of gratuitous rack focus), but c'mon: corndog? Meet thy mother. :)

PLUS it started with the "take it back" song, which won a place in my heart when I was only 10. And when things win a place in your heart when you are 10, they are a part of yer heart forever.



i swear to god...

him (on the phone): we met on flickr.
other person: bah bah bah bah bah (can't hear what they are saying)
him: no no. FFFFlickr. NOT Lickr.


Stefan Jansson said...

I did see the first few minutes of Rocky Balboa but I didnt like it. Lots of prequel and sequel coming out this year.

emdot said...

patience, my dear steffe. patience!