Tuesday, September 28, 2004

flickr favorites

flickr favorites page 01

On Flickr you can choose any viewable photo as a "favorite." Then, you can always look back in your favorites section... mine always puts a little smile on my face. Between the smiling dogs and the goofy cats, what's not to like? What else? A little theme of sunburst orange, long shadows, clouds and repeating patterns.

BUT... if photos are tagged as private (viewable only by friends and family) you won't be able to see them unless you are in that particular group. For instance, you can't see my images of Dan unless you are part of Zephyr1's (aka Rebel Con Cause) F&F. Which is coolio for all you "private" peoples out there.

You can also see other people's flickr favorites (there's a link in the right-hand nav when you are browsing their photos).... Fun to see the little images that have struck others as beautiful or haunting or intriguing or just something they like for whatever reason.

» Emdot's current flickr favorites


Marya: Yeah I'm fine. Thanks for checking in.
Timothy: What can i say? I'm a thoughtful motherfucker.
earthquake update

Initial reports


Size = 4.7
Size = 5.0... which is much bigger than 4.7
Size = 6.0! This is much, much bigger than 5.0
Size = 5.9

Okay -- I have no idea how big that quake was and neither do the scientists. We'll have to wait a few hours for them to figure it out.

Based in Paso Robles (about 35 minutes north-east of me, where we had the big one last December). But we had another one just a second ago -- much smaller, but still. Nothing like a little 'quake to get your blood pumping. ;) Cuz you never know... is it going to get bigger? Keep going? Should I duck and cover?

Meanwhile, here is an explanation on the Richter scale and why 5.0 is so much bigger than 4.7 and why 6.0 is considered a monster quake.
  • The Richter Scale measures the earthquake's magnitude

  • Each number on the Richter Scale is ten times greater in wave amplitude

  • Each number on the Richter Scale involves an energy release about 32 times as great.

  • A magnitude 4.0 earthquake releases 600000000000 millions ergs

  • A magnitude 5.0 earthquake releases 20000000000000 millions ergs

  • A magnitude 6.0 earthquake releases 600000000000000 millions ergs

This is a great page that explains what the different numbers feel like.

I don't know where it was centered (far away? close?) or how big it was (that'll depend on how far away or close it was), but it shook for about 15 seconds. My heart is still racing. I wonder where it was and if people are okay? You never know. It could have just been a little trembler based here in SLO (we had a whopper last December, as you'll recall)... or it coulda been a doozy in LA.....


Originally uploaded by R.bean.
It's the little things.

I love seeing the new little snippets my pals upload to Flickr. It's like a peek into another life. It's like visually seeing an overheard conversation. I love glimpses of other.

I love being self employed and being able to start my day in any way or at any time. This morning KB meandered over for a post-early-morning-meeting convo. (She's working from home). I started making some coffee and talked about how I wanted to go to Staples (new under-desk foot rest needed).

I love under-desk footrests. So we jumped in the car to do a little office shopping which we cut with a sidetrip into Utopia (deeeelisheeeusss) for a little extra-tasty carbo load. I love Utopia Bakery.

Then, we decided that to start the morning off perfectly we should watch a little Sex & the City before fully committing to work day.

I love a spontaneous 28-minute entertainment detour. God love the people who invented DVDs and decided to package up our favorite TV shows. (For someone who does not watch a lot of TV I sure love to talk about it.) (Me thinks I doth protest too much.)

I love making up my own punctuation. What is up with all the parentheticals?

I love "the big heart episode." My new favorite S&TC is The Domino Effect. Lemme tell you why. Number one: Robert. So sexy I find myself biting my hand when he is on the screen. Gaaahhhhh. Carrie and Big. I totally relate to the tear burst with Big's heart surgery ("what? is he in line to get one?" from Miranda). I totally relate to her resignation at the end. Hurt, man, it'll close you right up.

But it was fun, talking back to the TV, eating our Carbo Deliciousness and then heading off to start the new day.

I love the fall. Autumn is beyond beautiful. The sky is a more beautiful blue. The air has a bite of nippy in the mornings and at night. The trees are just beginning to fade. And the air smells wonderful.

Monday, September 27, 2004

This Is The Sea

This Is The Sea
Originally uploaded by reNET.
Let's run away from here
And find a sheltered cove
We'll listen to the waves crash
On ancient sand and tumbled glass
We'll slip into the sea
Of tranquility
And dream

Let's run away from here
And find a peaceful beach
Let's feel sandy and taste salty
And be at peace
We'll slip into the sea
Of tranquility
And dream

That's from a little song I wrote in 2001. I saw this picture today and it made me think of my little runaway beach. Basically anything that starts with or is named "This is the Sea" is a-okay in my book.
Making Me Take Another Look

Photo by Derek Powazek, ephemera.org
I forgot what Derek Powazek named this photo, but it cracks me up. Santa and his geetar and coolio bracelet.

Making me want to to be a columnist
» Heather Havrilesky

Making me want cable
» David Simon of The Wire
» Tom Evangelista of Family Bonds

Making me want to be more insightful and clever
» John Powers: The Power of Political Blogs

Making me want to vote Bush out of office
» John Lee Anderson, The Fall of Baghdad
» Richard A. Clarke
» Seymour Hersh

Sunday, September 26, 2004

the cat that scratched me

the cat that scratched me
Originally uploaded by TruthLying.
This cat is like a cartoon of a cat and I love it.

Man. I just got nothing else to blog about these days people. Well except for serious stuff, like George Bush and his evil minions scare the living shit out of me, but there are plenty of other blogs that are expressing that sentiment in a much more eloquent manner.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


emdot: Raj is the new sex symbol.
bret: I don't know which one Raj is... I'm sure you'll hate him in a week!

Ahem. Bret's got my number. Tonight we will convene at KB's (sans KB... boo!) to throw things at the TV set and shout insults at the Donald and his Evil Corporate Weasel-Wannabe Minions. Can't wait!
Whilst'l while you work

Word I over use: whilst. This does not really fly if you are not from the British Isles. So I try to keep my whilst to myself. Sometimes, though, it leaks out in emails. Or when I am in the throes of writers block.


Originally uploaded by raining dogs.
Today on Flickr: Travel through Kazakhstan.


Originally uploaded by schatz.
Today on Flickr: see interesting buildings.


Originally uploaded by guysonbikes2004.
You know, this is something I can really stand behind, promote and believe in: CUTE GUYS ON BIKES. I'm all for that. More of that please.

These guys rode their bikes from the Atlantic to the Pacific (with their BOB Trailers, natch).

If that doesn't quench your thirst for Cute Guys on Bikes, try the Pacific to Atlantic trek of The Great Sitting. Pictures and great writing included.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

avoid the soul tax

You know what would be good? If we did not think of our dreams as optional. You have a dream. What if you were required to follow it? What if you were to devote yourself to your dream no matter what the cost? I'm thinking that the cost wouldn't really be that high. In the long run. Or any costs would be well worth it.

Not following your dream... what if that ends up being a hidden soul tax?

I need a tax cut.

I have no idea why I hadn't grasped this before.

Monday, September 20, 2004

calming the road rage

Okay, rule one. Listen Mr. Cal Trans in your Big Ol' Cal Trans Massive Vehicle with the Big Ol "Please drive carefully" sign on the back... You cut me off. How can you cut me off when you have a sign on the back of your Massive Vehicle that says "Please drive carefully"? Obviously you are used to driving the other alternate Massive Vehicle with the sign on the back that says "Please don't flip me the finger." And/or "Please don't throw your hands up in frustration while shouting 'what the fu-'" cuz then maybe I wouldn't have.

Okay, rule two. Listen up Cuesta-ites. I realize you are young and eager and not experienced and have only had your driver's licenses for a couple of years now. I don't care. Nobody cares. Get out of the fast lane if you aren't going fast. Yes, I realize you have a left turn coming up IN FIVE MILES. Until you have driven 4.75 more miles, get your butts to the right unless you are ready to drive with the big boys. And/or girls.

This public service announcement has been made possible by My New Commute.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Cat

The Cat
Originally uploaded by karlcow.
Great little flickr pic.

Today was supposed to be spent working. But but but I am weak — weak I tell you — in the face of "come with us it's going to be fun and we don't want you to miss out."

Number two in keeping me from all important accomplishments? Flickr.

I know I may have told you it was "fun." I know I may have told you it was a "great outlet." I know I told you "I could stop any time."

That was just the addiction talking.

Some people fold in front of alcohol, others sex, and some tv... me? It's flickr. I'm going to have to get it de-installed from the entire information superhighway (tm, the nineties) so I can make sure my work gets done.

Meanwhile, great cat photo, eh? Make sure to go to the site and see the whole thing. It's lovely.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Originally uploaded by pinwheel.
A little reminder. In case you forgot.

today's work view

today's work view
Originally uploaded by emdot.
As I work on a beautiful Saturday morning, I have this gorgeous little window out into the tops of neighbors' yards to keep me entertained.

This morning, because we each had a busy day ahead of ourselves, Dan and I decided to start the day with a little Lin-nay-nay Breakfast. This equals the Downtown Meander. The seeing of the handsome-curly-haired-guy I see everywhere I go. The running into friends. The stop-and-buy at a neighborhood yard sale (I got three hat boxes and a new grater). At least two sets of people yelling out to Dan "Hey! Bike Guy!" And a little morning hello with our old friends at the Estaberoo.

But now I must stop typing cuz there is group-viewing of Kill Bill Volume II tonight in a very fun, festive livingroom that I don't want to miss.

On the beach

On the beach
Originally uploaded by Sandra Rocha.
Today is a work day. Cuz so many before it weren't. ;) Meanwhile, things are looking up. Such as great sky photos on Flickr.

» Sky tags a la Flickr

Friday, September 17, 2004


emdot: Look, Becca left comments on Dooce.
mom: How great, now we get extra insight into Becca's life.
emdot: It's Soccer Mom, not Stalker Mom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

heart bursts open

heart bursts open
Originally uploaded by emdot.
How I am feeling today: like my heart is overflowing. I wish this was a feeling you could store for those days when you are unfortunately feeling like "heart closing down." The last couple of days have been (at the risk of pure corn ball saturation) nothing short of tenderhearted amazingness. Bittersweet and full of hope. Full of believing. Full of trusting. Full of loving life and all it brings. I could go on but you might have a saccharine allergy. I want to hold on to this. And it is in the middle of that statement I must remember to practice nonattachment. Because you have to be open-handed, even with the very best of things. So I let go and marvel at everything.
just a reminder

Photo by Derek Powazek, ephemera.org

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The Men's Restroom at the Madonna Inn

The Discovery Channel has declared it so, so it must be so: My town is home to the world's best men's restroom. But of course we already knew that. The Men's Room at the Madonna Inn has a "waterfall" flush and somehow coaxes everybody who visits to go in and check it out, regardless of gender or age. Which makes you wonder... with all those people prancing in to check it out, does it ever get used? (No photos please).

Discovery Channel's Best Bathrooms IN THE WORLD. THE WHOLE WORLD. Probably the WHOLE UNIVERSE.

I'm just saying...

Meanwhile, this link brought to you by the fine folks at Boing Boing.

Continental Sit

Continental Sit
Originally uploaded by emdot.
If you are working a lot, make sure to get some time outside. Especially if it's fall.

Question: what is better than Autumn?
Answer: very few things.

Monday, September 13, 2004

the anti-ken jennings?

I just found out my Gram hates Ken Jennings. With a gram-fire-passion. So says my mom and you better not call her at 7:00, either. Some of my Gram's latest anti-KJ statements:
  • "That Ken Jennings! He never gives anyone else a turn!"

  • "When he talks? I turn the volume OFF!"
whoops; was going to wait until this evening

I have to put new parameters on what I can do during the work day. My hunch is email and blogging should not be high on my list. Normally, because I am ferverently attached to my new non-corporate lifestyle, I don't work full time. But... but... but... these next few weeks? More than full time. So no time to blog.

But I've got eight minutes. So just a few thoughts.

What is with this nostalgic train ride? I think it is beginning to subside. Thank dawg. It all started in May, running into Watson and S. every damn place imaginable in San Luis Obispo. Which was weird and funny and then spooky. And then creepy. It was everywhere: while giving blood, and trader joes, and impromptu community movie night, and post office corners. Even on the Jennifer Street Bridge. Just weird. (Granted, I was taking yoga classes from S. which wasn't weird... but ended up making me feel weird, even though she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life; he did good.). Then, there was my HS reunion which was really fun and sweet and I love them all. And, for the most part, my whole class looks really good and they're all terminally nice. Which is a good type of terminal, I guess. Then, there were snippets of chance meetings with people I knew back when or was acquaintances with back when. Then, there was the letter I sent out last week (and got a great letter back). That meant a lot. And this morning I got another letter from an old high school friend which ... wow... All I can say is that people blow me away. But good god: how much nostalgia can one person take in four months worth of time?

And all I can think of is that this is not a coincidence. I feel like... I feel like some loose ends are being wrapped up. I feel like some little heartbreaks are being healed (not romantic heartbreaks... I think more of the... lost connection heart break). And maybe this is life freeing me up, priming me for something really wonderful and fabulous?

Well, a girl can dream.

Other little tidbits and then I'm putting my nose to the grindstone:
  • Zap Mama = perfect best time start your day off right morning music. ever.

  • I love driving out to Los Osos. It totally makes me happy. As stated a million times before in this blog. I am such a repeater.

  • I love dessert for breakfast (unfortunately). This morning it is Venti Mocha Frappacino lite. (yeah yeah yeah, I know, Starbucks, foul. But whatever.).

  • Please listen to that Father Boyle link below. I listened to it again. It's very moving.

  • I love everyone. Am sending out shouts to all.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

A couple three more things.

Buy Derek's "Dogs of Cole Valley" calendar. So cute!

And in NYC, Danny Gregory walked the streets last night shooting photos of the WTC of lights (his story is here).

Witold Riedel did the similar, but from his house? (and then just a gem of a post). (Did you see that Witold captured the phenom that Danny mentions? Where the fog stops the light at about their real height, then they break through the clouds above, creating etherealness).

To sum up:
» Dog Calendar
» DG's WTC photos
» DG's post about taking the photos
» WR's WTC photos
» WR's gem of a post
two turnables and a microphone... FOR JESUS

ohmigod. the church which is two blocks away has purchased a loudspeaker and/or built an outdoor amphitheater. it started about 30 minutes ago with a whole lot of "test test" and really horrendous never-ending mic feedback (perhaps god was trying to talk to them?). now it is the preacher letting his flock (and the surrounding five blocks of minding-their-own-business- please-pass-that- section-of- the-newspaper -oh- would-you- like-some-more -coffee, law-abiding, and quiet neighbors) know that this is the day that the lord has made.

and obviously, that is the microphone manufactured by THE DEVIL.

please make it stop!

meanwhile a couple gems to share:

» Very moving. Fresh Air Interview with Father Gregory Boyle
» Gil Garcetti's black-and-whites of the Disney Concert Hall
» Book excerpt from guy who amputed own arm in Moab
» Penguin Cafe Orchestra
» Joi Ito's photos

ARGH! and now there is church music!!! no! no! no! no! this is too obnoxious to bear. I'm heading out and going to the beach.

(But seriously. For something very moving and spiritual, listen to the Father Boyle interview. It's worth it.)

Farm at night

Farm at night
Originally uploaded by Joi.
Words cannot describe how much I love this photograph. It's both comforting and spooky. Romantic and distant. Warm and mysterious. I love it. The photographer said he had the shutter open for about 15 minutes. The clouds were just barely moving.

Friday, September 10, 2004

the lazy day

Today was damn near perfect. Just. Lazy. Yum. Was up too late last night though and up too early this morning. So things just started out lazy. And then I knew there was no fighting it.

» Karl Rove is a really scary man
» Laura Dern is real and vibrant

Finally, going through all my mail that accumulated while I was gone (mail: it's just like rabbits) meant, of course, I had to spend some time reading the New Yorker. Here's a couple gems:
  • ... and a pile of laundry that mounts like an accusation

  • ... the balky unhappiness of the young children, who resist any alteration in family life like tree stumps in the midst of a flood

from across the world

Jan, who I always talk about once a year, when she is stateside, just sent out an interview link. This is all about the company she just spent two years with: Action Against Hunger.

» Jan, AAH, Tajikistan

I think I've done my fair share of fawning over Jan in the past... okay... can't resist... must fawn more. Jan is awesome and someone I admire so much. It's funny, we lived together for two years, but I feel like we became better friends afterwards. (I chalk that up to the Stab being filled with Alpha Females, or as my friend Cynthia calls herself, The Alpha Bitch.). Jan is one of those people you just hope to know in your life. She lives life from the marrow. And she shoots it straight. And yet she's tender and sweet and very caring. But do not cross her. You've been warned.

Jan left Tajikistan a few months ago and is in the process of starting a stateside life. Either a Ph.D program or teaching at Poly. Of course, being selfish I'm rooting for the Poly deal.

» Some of Jan's Tajik pics from last summer


Originally uploaded by emdot.
Good lord I'm up late. I blame the road buzz. Traveling always messes with my ability to get some sleep. Like my car was traveling 80, but my chi was only traveling 9 mph, so I'm still in journey mode. Or something. What? Reaching?

So, great to be back (though loved the away time, too). I missed everyone and it was so nice to be welcomed back so warmly.

Meanwhile. I love serendipity. I just checked my other email address, the one that is being phased out. And this is what was waiting for me:

Wake Up; Time to Die

There will be a moment
When I realize it’s time to die.
This thought occurred sitting
At the kitchen table,
Having eaten cow,
And the wind came up
In a gust, blowing through
The open window.
I saw the clouds
and the sun outside.
The experience was of a piece
Like a twenty year old snapshot.
It was prophetic, like the
Time you didn’t get on the airplane
And met someone you wouldn’t have met…
Went somewhere you wouldn’t have gone.
There’s no analysis in this. It is what is.
It is the senses opening to the magic,
Suddenly, without thinking.
Magic is only knowing what time it is.
— John Tischer

Another favorite Tischer poem is here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

ohmigod. make it stop.

yukkin' it up. I feel like I've been laughing for hours. And well, I have. Tonight we got to see Patton Oswalt (and others) at the Irvine Improv. Three months ago I didn't know who Patton Oswalt was. Come on now. I don't watch a lot of TV (PO is on King of Queens, a show I've never seen) and Lord knows SLO Town isn't known as the Bastion of Busting One's Gut. And okay. I will admit it here: I've never been to a comedy club before. Because I live in THE STICKS. Oh sure, you can think that all of California is cosmopolitan, but I'm here to tell you folks, it's not. And my coastal, small-town, cowboy-hat-wearing, back-roads-don't-need-to-be-paved town is here to support me. But I've been behind the Orange Curtain for two weeks straight and constant begging and pleading and bribery got me tickets to the Improv and company. A month or so ago I heard Patton on Fresh Air and became a fan in under 40 minutes. Tonight was just the icing on the cake. So, go on and support your local (and/or national) comics and go to a comedy club soon and support those smarmy-assed sarcastic sons-of-bitches. Your ab muscles will thank you for it.

mantra = i am not that stereotype. i am not that stereotype. i am not that stereotype. [insert infinity sign here]. The rest of the day was pretty a-ok too. Though I lost my mind for 20 minutes and sent an ex boyfriend a "hi, how are you" email. And Lord knows, nothing makes you look more pathetic than the "hi, how are you" email. But you know, what? I DON'T CARE. Because I sincerely do want to know how he is doing. Why is it some kind of misdemeanor and/or Bridget Jones Capitol Offense to enquire how someone you cared about in the past is doing? I'm sick of the stereotypes and I'm sick of the potential of patronizing glances. I'm done living my life in order to avoid patronizing glances. From now on, I'm going for all glances that begin above the upper rim of the glasses whilst peering down one's nose. BRING IT ON. I've been wondering about him for atleast a month. I want to know. Even though he may not want to tell me. In fact, based on our last point of contact (um, in the --cough cough-- nineties) where I called him and he was out-of-his-way rude (and guys, please get over yourself and just be polite), I'm not necessarily expecting a glad-tidings response.

But really? This guy will always have a soft spot in my heart. And I hope I hear back that he is great and has kids and a woman who loves him and thanks for thinking of him and blah di blah di blah.

I'm such a pollyanna. :) Any wagers on silence or "leave-me-alone" you worthless bitch WHO BROKE MY HEART emails? (Pshaw you half-filled-glassers, no matter how probably right you are.).

I vote for a sweet response full of "thanks for thinking of me and I named my first daughter Emdot."

other little thing highlights. Being in Irvine has been great. And I wonder.... okay... I hesitate to say this cuz of pride and all the complete bullshit I spouted here before and all... but... pause... was I lonely? All I know is that it was great — really great — to be down here for the last two weeks (supposed to only be four days). I like being in a full house. I like having people to talk to in the mornings over coffee and Katie Couric and/or Linda Wertheimer. I'm a social creature and my cat just isn't that good at current events. Or drinking wine after work. Or suggesting new movies to see. So, Irvine was great.

My dad and Janet are in temporary housing (cough cough, which is really a lot nicer than my permanent housing) until the six-dollar-burger is ready for habitation, so new walking trails were discovered. Along with new coffee shops and new delis (New Dehlis?) and not to mention Improvs and truly great shopping (which I couldn't partake in). Spending time with Evan... well that only happens every six months on an extremely lucky year. And next year he starts college, so who knows when I get to bro-down with him again, late into the wee hours, both of us at our dorky computer screens late at night. IM-ing each other though we are only steps away. Sigh. The good ol' days. And really, I am just dorky enough to want to be near all my family all the time. I guess it's ironic that I don't have a family of my own.

So, all that said, here's a snap shot of the last few days:

seajay wallpaper
my latest wallpaper (which has changed three times while in OC)

Patton Oswalt
Lillies by Catherine
Carter's letter to Zell
Mean Creek
My Vanity Fair Boyfriend (back off sisters)
Gumbo (Irvine cat)
Chapin (king of Islay Street)
My latest Flickr Favorite

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

noguchi christina

noguchi christina
Originally uploaded by R.bean.
More favorite Flickr spots
Don't miss the Bean Queen's Photo Stream.
the places we have bean

In college I was one of the million young 'uns partaking in one of our nation's rites-of-passage professions. No, not nannying in the UK. No, not working behind the counter of my family's (non-existant) store. No, not bike messaging or pole dancing. I was a barrista.

Not for a long time, but I did do it. And I was lucky, cuz I was pushing coffee at my town's coolest cafe. And today you are lucky cuz El Cracker's got some pics of the treasured Linnaea's cafe up on his site.

Cracker's Vision: Linnaea's I, II, III, IV, V

And while I'm at it, here are a couple from Bean: I, II. Or tour the cafe's online snapshots of the staff through the years.
spontaneous burstings

This is three times now that Keri Smith's site, Wish Jar Journal, has made me burst out in tears.

I'm not really a crier. And when I am, I'm more of a tears-in-my-eyes sort of person, as opposed to the burst-into-tears sort.

Yet, this is the third time that I have had tears leap from my eyes while reading The Wish Jar Journal. And I mean, I really have to ask myself why. I don't really think it has to do with KS at all. I mean, I don't know her. I don't necessarily feel invested in her story (though I like her blog very much).

But I do think that somewhere inside of me, her story is similar to my story, and the difference is that she lives her story and I keep mine at arm's length. She has the guts of her story and I like to kind of keep mine hidden and safely packed away. Hers is on the mantle. Mine is somewhere in the attic.

One tear-burst moment was about art and living life in a creative way. I've made great strides with this and feel like I am 65% there. That box isn't packed so far away and its definitely not forgotten.

The other two times were about love found and my gut feeling is that it is this box which is hidden so far back that it might be packed away in two boxes and stored way in the back of the room. Unmarked. Dusty. Abandoned. And I feel compelled to chime in with the fact that I am really happy with my life. I feel like it is an honest, happy, hearty life lived (for the most part) with integrity. I'm an honest person. I laugh from my belly. I'm not into pretenses. I've got a nice home, great family and friends; a full life.

Yet. Yet. Is there a hole in my life that I can't even admit to?

I worry that I've had that great love affair. I worry that I had it. I mean, how many times do you get to love so deeply, so intensely, so completely? There are people who've never experienced once, right? (Despite their marital status, even). I've had that. Did I use up my quota?

Is that what these tears are about? These little leaping tears.... Scarcity issues?! What are they jumping to or for? Should I get them a little safety net to hold at the bottom of my cheeks so they don't get hurt?

Meanwhile. I am happy for KS and her betrothed. And I feel thankful that I found her blog in the first place. The little blog of reminders to open lost and forgotten boxes. And believe. Believe. Believe.

And P.S. Jeff P., the newly wed, is an amazing wordsmith. He's a poet who happens to write prose. Don't miss his writing, if you can help it.

» The wedding (her)
» The wedding (him)

» The engagement (her)
» The engagement (him)

Monday, September 06, 2004

Shared dreams

Shared dreams
Originally uploaded by Tudy.
The Dreamer Dreamed
it is said
or i have read

everyone in your dream is you

stands to reason
(or unreason)
From Skaterina. Read the whole thing.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Janet and Dad

Janet and Dad
Originally uploaded by emdot.
Today is my birthday. We started early — about six hours ago (or eight) with a movie, late dinner, and super delicious margaritas. I thought I would not like this number, but in the last couple of days my feelings totally changed. But then I am totally partial to "8" so how could it be bad?


Originally uploaded by Taddeus.
I declare this the Make Me Happy on My Birthday photo. I defy you to look at this photo and not have a big grin spread across your face. Go on. Try it.

Mirror Project

Mirror Project
Originally uploaded by emdot.
Did I happen to mention it's my birthday? All day. But who needs to limit it like that. Let's make it the weekend (I was born on a holiday after all.). No. Scratch that. Holiday/long weekend, too predictable. Let's make it all week. An all week birthday extravaganza. I hope you have your party hats on.

Friday, September 03, 2004

presto extendo

My four-day trip to the OC has been extended again. Looks like I'll be here until next Thursday, which means four days turned into fourteen. I truly love the ability to be spontaneous and go-with-the-flow. Thanks to KB for watching el gato. And my mom for understanding about my birthday. And while yes there is a backstory as to why I'm staying (though not an exciting one)... lemme just say that in the last ten minutes I found out we get to see Jay Mohr tonight [ed note: sold out] at the Improv and Patton Oswalt (maybe? pretty please? it's my birthday on Sunday) on Wednesday. PO cracks me up. Even if he hates NPR.
changing my mind midstream

There are two songs that can make me barf on the spot: Lady in Red by Chris de Berg (can barely type the title without feeling like I need to bend over a toilet bowl) and Centerfield by John Fogerty. Hate is not a strong enough word.

And so, I've always held John Fogerty at arm's length, knowing that some Credence was cool and all, but really: that clapping in Centerfield? I'm ready to cut off their hands and burn all the albums. I call for Jihad on all that clapping!

But today I have changed my mind. Not about that hateful song, but about John Fogerty. He won me over. Not by charm or new songs, but from an interview aired by Fresh Air. He just seems very real and sweet. And I got a little choked up at the end when he was talking about the song Who'll Stop the Rain. To have written something like that at such a young age... wow.

It does not explain the barfitude of Centerfield, but I'm willing to cast it a bit more to the side and pretend it never happened. Just keep it off my radio. (I'll help by not tuning into any classic stations).

Also, there's a good interview with Kris Kristoferson, who's one of the coolest cats in town.

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I crack myself up. More for the plastic sturgeons.
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take a scottish trip. My love affair with Flickr continues. Today I bring you a mini holiday without the need to leave your seat. Take five minutes and visit Edinburgh.
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Thursday, September 02, 2004


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Cool strawbale. Viva la alternative materials!

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

beedybau beedybau

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For Rebs: porch memories.
extremely critical condition

Since I have been in OC there have been two deaths due to drag racing. Last Saturday a 14-year-old girl died in a drag race (she was a passenger). Last night a 20-year-old died in a fiery crash in Woodland Hills. Tuesday super-early-morning there was another terrible crash that left one in critical condition. So let's recap: five days; two dead; one in critical condition; six sent to the hospital.

I'm pretty surprised that this hasn't gotten Southern Cal in more of an uproar.