Wednesday, August 01, 2007

and now for a shot of happiness for your working wednesday

MEETING AND GREETING, originally uploaded by METAL-ARMZ.

what's cuter than this? not a thing. not a thing.


kb said...

Thanks for the cuteness!

the Edeltraud, the Edeltraud, who isst so gerne Sauerkraut and tanzt so gerne Polka said...

Thank you! I needed that! It's foggy here in Santa Cruz, and everyday I wake up to a feeling of dread & doom. Completely irrational, but there's nothing I can do. Except look at a cute picture! Angelika here (grateful that you let her use your Chapel photos). Cuter than this? For me it's a tie with Winking Cookie Mouse. And I loved the cows! I have to link to your blog. Your photos are amazing! The ones that you take & the ones that you pick. Thanks!
P.S. Good luck with the gall bladder. I hope you'll be ok!

Spring Dew said...

In return, I give unto you ... Charley, cutest cat ever.