Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11th and Still No June Gloom.

cactus fairyland, originally uploaded by emdot.

I just said to 7s, "Do you know what I love? June! I've never really loved June before." He asked me why is that? (Why is what? That I love June or that I've never loved it before? He clarified: Why do you love June?)

I love June because it was beautiful and blue skies at 5:45 this morning. No dark. No oppressing "still nighttime" feeling. Just fresh and blue skies.

And then I realized, my whole life I've lived on the coast of California. I've never experienced the beauty that is June because in my life June mean June Gloom. June means fog and cold mornings and more fog and lots of dew and maybe turn on your windshield wipers a couple of times before you drive to work. June means wearing a sweater 'til noon.

I don't know if it's global warming or what but this June has put on a summer dress, has baked a pie, and is spreading out the picnic blanket and I'm RSVPing Yes!

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