Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes I was a scaredy cat

nostalgia: me at the san diego zoo, originally uploaded by emdot.

5 things I was afraid of when I was 12

  1. scoliosis
  2. punk rock
  3. heavy metal
  4. not going to heaven
  5. 8th graders


katya said...

how cute were you?! and a scaredy cat, no less.

at 12, i was embracing punk rock. much because, daniel ryan, the skateguard at the ice rink was embracing punk rock. i believe the lyric he recited was "my mommy died a social drinker, and my daddy still collects guns."

ahhhh...young love. ;)

John said...

#3 was something I was *attracted* to, when I was 12. :) I'm still disappointed Sadie wasn't born on 6/6/06. (11:40pm, on 6/5/06)