Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bad News!!

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Oh sigh.

I brought my computer down to Orange County with me this weekend. My dad is a big computer nerd, always bragging about buidling this and improving that and updating that and whoop-do-doo doo doo bleep bloop (which is what my brain says as people begin to talk computers).

My computer has been at capacity for a couple of months. I keep having to delete things (lots of things) so that it will work. He said, "bring it down, we'll give you a new hard drive and update this and super charge that and bionic that and on and on bleep bloop."

What do you need to save? asked my dad.

My photos and music. Well, and everything in My documents. Can we do that?

Yes, he said.

Okay, then. Everything in my documents.


You know what happened right? My photos and music = GONE!

My fault, ultimately, because I didn't have anything backed up (my CD burner dealie bob stopped working in 05 and I just treated it with a dose of Denial and Whatever (a wreckless policy).

So, my fault. But that doesn't mean I'm happy about it. All my photos!! Fewer than 10% of my photos are on Flickr... so while I still have my Flickr photos, I don't have most of my photos. And since I rarely post photos of family or family events, those are all gone.

So, my fault. BUT STILL.

-- tears --

Today I will rigorously practice non-attachment.


Joy said...

Ouch. I feel your pain! :(

rebar said...

Oh Mar....that bites. Sorry.

3G said...

Em. I am so so sorry. My family pics are the first thing I'd grab in a I guess that meant my computer too! I've backed everything up because of your fate. OW!