Friday, May 15, 2009

getting to Reader0

reader must reads

Ever since drinking the Getting Things Done Kool-Aid, I revel in getting to Anything0. Work inbox0. Gmail0. Reader0. Especially Reader0.

I went on vacation and had no internet access for six or so days, which meant I was at Reader>1000 (it stops counting after 1000). Being a big fan of "Mark All As Read" I promptly did so with most of my often-updated subscriptions. Except these. I can't with these. I love these feeds and no matter how much I'm dying to declare Reader Bankruptcy (hit the Mother of all Mark As Read), I can't bear to not read these. :)

So five days home and I still haven't hit my Reader 0 mark. But at least I know I have good things to see and read. Special shout out to Craft and Design*Sponge, my fave of the faves.

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Anonymous said...

The Windows program I use for reading feeds, FeedDemon, pops up a message when the number of unread items gets out of control with a great big red panic button displayed on it. You can then say, get rid of everything more than a few days old.

Another thing I read which was written by FeedDemon's author is that feeds aren't like email, in that you shouldn't even think of reading everything - it can get overwhelming if you try.

Finally, it looks like many feed readers are going to analyse the feeds more and give you intelligent views of things that matter - FeedDemon already shows me various newspaper styled views of popular content across my feeds and everyone else's.

I imagine Google Reader will have it's own internal TechMeme style pages as well at some point to help better make sense of all that information.

By the way, if you use Google Reader and Firefox, Feedly is worth a look.