Monday, May 03, 2010

inbox zero

I'm a big believer in Inbox0 and I've also had great success with it. When my email inbox does begin to creep up (27, 53, 75, 108) I will admit to my life being less organized and I'm probably busier than I should be, too.

My inbox has been hovering somewhere between 70 and 78 for more than two weeks (probably more than a month as I was sick most of April). I knew I needed to tackle it -- and I did start, only to be met with a flurry of new emails.

Friday evening I'd made great progress. Monday morning I was wrapping it up. Gaining momentum. Picking 'em off, addressing the need, and moving on.

With 13 email left, I fired a reply to my student assistant (not yet in the office; probably in class) acknowledging a week-old email and thanking him for some insight and work.

His reply:
Somebody's on a mission towards Inbox 0.

I take it this email didn't help.

He knows me very well. And no, the email didn't help. :)

And in the meantime another email came in, so once again: just 13 more to go! :)

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