Saturday, August 21, 2010

a year and half late, but...


i never watched Lost while it was the it-tv-show that the rest of the world watched and fretted over. steve and i only started it two months ago (give or take -- okay take -- two weeks). we tore through it. so delicious.

we watched season 1 through 5 like junkies do their drug of choice. another hit. another hit. another hit. more more more.

we finished season five a week ago and have to wait until tuesday for season six to be released on dvd to see the final season. this hiatus has given me time to think and ponder over the ending of season 5 and wtf it means and yadda yadda.

so while i know the rest of the human race has moved on, i'm stuck in that limbo that was may 2009 - january 2010. :) and i thought i would just write down one thought i have before i see the last season.

in season five we see jacob visit all of our lostaways back in the united states. kate and sawyer when they were still kids (kate steals the NKOTB lunch box; sawyer is writing his letter after his parents' funeral.) with the others they are adults. the receiving line of sun and jin's wedding. right before jack rats out his dad; right before sayid sees his wife killed in the crosswalk; right after hurley is released from jail.

what's it all mean, alfie?

so my guess is that jacob visits them all right before they lose their innocence and hope. .... jacob is the serpent. he hands our lostway protagonists the apple from the tree of knowledge, knowing they will take a bite.

i'll read this again after i see season six. i wonder if i'm right.

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Steffe said...

I watched the first 15 minutes of the first programme and quickly decided this wan not for me. I'm a Dexter man me.

hitendudhatra said...

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