Monday, September 11, 2006

central coast of california via amtrak

i haven't completely left my blog. no sirree. no sir. no way. no how.

in fact, i did blog just a coupla days ago -- and it was a good one, i tell you -- but the blogging function between flickr and blogger was acting all "i love you no i don't" and so it just seemed as if my blog post posted, but it didn't. darn it all.


i realize there are lies we tell ourselves that might once have been true, but have faded into only a script we think that is true for ourselves.

for instance, i like to think that i am a great cusser. cuz i love to cuss and i love cuss words.

only, it seems, not so much, really. i can't remember the last time a teeny tiny little "shit" even escaped my lips, much less any derivitive of the mighty-f-word. in fact, just this morning i said "gosh" with all sincerity and yesterday i said "darn it!" more than once.

sigh. i'm so losing my verbal edge. or was it cerration?

it's fall

today i was walking back to my house from the train station and i felt it from the wind. fall. it looks warm but the breeze has dipped just a bit and the days have a new nippy aftertaste. you might not notice it when you first leave the house, sleeveless and jacketless, but within minutes you can feel it -- the little nagging doubt of, "wait... am i chilly?"

yes, dear, you are and it the world doesn't wait for september 22 to turn down its global thermometer.

great date

i had a great date last night. a great date that is worthy of its own post and its own blog entry, so maybe i will go do a couple of things and come back and write about it. but first i'll give you the teaser: birthday present; hollywood bowl; wine; picnic; music; fabulous.

more later, gators.

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