Thursday, March 15, 2007

we. are. finally. out .of. the. old. house.

hello world. it is me: girl filled with exhaustion. exhaustion with a small dose of hopefulness. a dash. a pinch. an essence. essense of hopefulness.

but mostly i am a big simmering pot of exhaustion stew.

so exhausted that my brain is filled with both malls, my lips are cracked because i can never remember to drink water, my hair is drier than normal and i have small cuts on all appendages (shakes cut fist in the direction of evil cut-inducing packing boxes).

anyway: brain, retired. eyes, heavy. body = often sighing. i sigh as if i am atlas himself with his big ball of world weighing heavy on his shoulders. and with that, i think i will put myself to bed and hold a magazine up to my face and pretend that my eyes and brain can coordinate enough to read words.

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