Thursday, October 11, 2007

A few things to share

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Good morning. I'm kinda worn out this morning. I think I pushed it too hard Tues eve and Wed morning, even tho I really was taking it slow*. But yesterday afternoon and this morning I find myself.. really beat. So I wish I was adding descriptions to the above links, but it's time to get off this computer. ;) (What I'm healing from.)

On top of that I'm feeling kind of anxious. And/or very anxious. And I wonder if this is a symptom from no longer taking the Vicodin? My heart is kind of racing and has been since yesterday afternoon. Also, my throat is so tight like I'm just about to cry -- but I don't feel sad or anything. No tears are there. So why the tightness throat? I decide to combat by going boldly back to bed.

* Slow = 1.) looking for fabric at beverly's and getting a very small frozen yogurt; 2.) having dinner with KB at Kokku's and meandering around Old Navy; 3.) breakfast with my mom at Big Sky.

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