Saturday, October 20, 2007

i have but one egret

i have but one egret, originally uploaded by emdot.

Our minds, however, are riddled with confusion and doubt.

I sometimes think that doubt is an even greater block to human evolution than is desire or attachment.

Our society promotes cleverness instead of wisdom, and celebrates the most superficial, harsh, and least useful aspects of our intelligence. We have become so falsely “sophisticated” and neurotic that we take doubt itself for truth, and the doubt that is nothing more than ego’s desperate attempt to defend itself from wisdom is deified as the goal and fruit of true knowledge. — Sogyal Rinpoche


Bebop said...

Aren't puns one of the least useful aspects of our intelligence?

judy said...

It is through stillness and peace of mind that the wise are able to spread joy and well-being in others. Puns fill me with joy. Ergo, the wise pun. (a sillygism)

Bebop said...

When Elton John took Pete Doherty under his rehabitual wing I noted it under, "Baby's Got Blow Eyes."

I know - I'm punderful.

judy said...

or punishing.