Tuesday, January 29, 2008


me: it's supposed to be cold today.
him: how cold?
me: in the 50s.
him: maybe i will put on long socks.

that cracked me up as i heard from my friend kate today (who lives in a freezer in some prairie in canada) that it will be -50 with the windchill. MINUS 50, people. and that is so cold that my mind can't wrap around it.

. . . . .

i've been reading christine kane's blog.

you know how sometimes the world whispers in your ear and if you don't listen it will whisper again and again? that is what happened with christine kane's blog.

my flickr friend romanlily (amazing photos -- go see her stuff pronto) had gone to a ck retreat and put photos of it on flickr. and while i was happy that she was following her heart and all, i wasn't drawn in. in fact, i felt some resistance.

then, on a blog comment another flickr friend again pointed me to christine kane. only this time it wasn't a woman getting in touch with her inner hot-damn, but my friend bodhi who is about the farthest thing from that. bodhi is like a motorcycle guy's guy (who is fabulous and awesome and great to talk to).

and i like to think that when the world/universe/god/spirit/whatevs whispers twice, that i will listen.

and so i did go and read christine's blog and since then it's basically been a nourishing blog meal for me on a regular basis.

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