Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

Christine Kane has a blog post up about the procrastination techniques of creative people. Of the six, I play two: waiting til I have time and money; and waiting til I am perfect. (perfect. ha ha ha ha ha.).

For instance, I have a bunch of stuff for my Etsy shop, but am bogged down by things not being "perfect" yet.

But the one thing that has really kicked my butt is the time/money thing. Christine says:
The problem with waiting for great big empty blocks of time is that most likely you haven’t learned to wisely use the small chunks of time you already have. So when (or, more appropriately, "IF") those great big blocks ever come, then you'll most likely have one great big panic attack.
The problem with waiting for more money is that this game that can't be won. There's never enough money to convince you that you're finally safe, and it's okay to begin that new direction or project.

If it's something worth doing, then do it now. Learn to work within the life you have right now.

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