Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photojojo sends you the best photos you took a year ago

tasting notes, originally uploaded by emdot.

Sign up with Photojojo and twice a month (or so; you decide?) you get an email where they send you the "best" photos you posted to flickr a year ago.

Here's my first time capsule from Photojojo. (Extra points: they give you a URL for your time capsule so you can share it on your blog, with friends, or whatevs.)

Especially good because sometimes I think images can get lost in Flickr -- simply because there are so many of them. Or maybe it is because you are always introduced to an image as a thumbnail. I have photos that I was proud of, but that seemed to dim on flickr. This little time capsule on Flickr reminded me of a few that were favorites of mine and that I'm still chuffed with.

So -- sign up. Or just take a look at my photos (evil self-promotion).

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Steffe said...

Im in!