Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Week Three

Week Three, originally uploaded by emdot.

So, I guess I will take an early break this morning and tell you guys what I've been really into, really focused on these last couple of weeks.

Getting Fit.

A couple of months ago I was lamenting not having a group of people to lose weight with.... I mean, yes, I am surrounded by very supportive people. But I wanted partners in CRIME. I wrote about it in my Morning Pages (am doing The Artist's Way) and that was that.

Cut to three weeks ago.

See, I've been thinking about blogging my getting fit plan, but c'mon, how many people wanna read that? (Not even my mother raised a hand). But the type of person I am, to get into something, I kinda sorta mostly have to go overboard. Hog wild. Full steam ahead. And many other funny little phrases worthy of a maniac.

So, I used Backpack to create an intranet where I could spill my getting fit guts. Pages for food journals, checking off water intake, my workouts, meals I liked (so I can remember) the whole shebang.

And then, I invited a few friends to join in. In total, there are six of us (three couples, coincidentally... it didn't have to be that way). We weight in on Monday nights. And during the week we work out, write down what we eat and try to be healthier.

About two days into it I realized that I had created what I was wishing for: partners in crime. How cool is that? Plant those seeds, people. They grow.

The other thing I'm really extremely super into right now is listening to Jillian Michaels on her KFI radio show. You can download each one a day or so after it airs. I upload them to my iPod. What I love about Jillian is that she is both very motivating and very educational. I learn a lot from each show I've listened to. I've decided she's my Virtual Trainer. I heart her.

And finally, the irony. It used to be that The Biggest Loser night at my house was synonymous with Pizza Night. I know. I know. But every Tuesday night Steve would make an amazing pizza (from scratch; my man's got skillz) and we would eat it while watching TBL and loving the contradiction. Perhaps it's because TBL finished (yea Ali!) and we had to fill our evenings with something else... so now we go to the gym. And no pizza.

So that's my story, morninglories. I may actually keep a Get Fit blog, but it'll be at my wordpress blog instead, if I do it.

Meanwhile, if you want to listen to Jillian Michaels (and who doesn't?!), you can download her show at KFI640.com Click OnDemand. And then scoot yer mouse over to the Sunday column. Right click on her shows to save to your desk top and voila.

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