Wednesday, September 17, 2008

boyfriend for the save

morro bay watch, originally uploaded by emdot.

re, the last post: i get home. make a sad face. 7s says "what's wrong?!" i tell him the story. he totally listens. provides his POV. and i feel ... better. hugely better. thank you, 7s.

pema chodron has an amazing book called Getting Unstuck where she discusses the buddhist idea of "shenpa." (thinking about a funny part where she sing-says-taunts, "I can see your shenpa).

i don't have the skills or grace to be able to explain this shenpa thing to you, but today, driving home i realized, "aha! this thing is my shenpa!" (i can see your shenpa, marya!). and i tried to just breathe. release. let it go. and give myself a break.

and also i prayed for her (person from previous post) happiness and the root of all happiness. and then i prayed for my own happiness and the root of all happiness. i prayed for us both. and that helped, too.


Stephanie said...

Thank you, M. I have that Pema audiobook and just put it on the other night for the heck of it :) Synchronicity...

I have a monster shenpa right now. And reading this was a mirror for me. So thank you. Thank you for making me see it. xxoo

emdot said...

Monster Shenpa. I frigging love that. Yes. Me, too. I kinda want that on a T-Shirt. Thanks for your comment, Stephanie. ;)