Sunday, January 18, 2009

again, note to self

see, Jesus, no big thing, originally uploaded by emdot.

From Christine Kane's blog:

Here’s my theory:

1 – The amount of dread you feel is directly proportional to the feeling of relief you’ll feel once you simply complete the dreaded task.

2 – The longer you put something off, the more perplexed you’ll be that you just didn’t do the thing you were dreading sooner.

3 – Anyone reading this article thinking of some dreaded thing in their life – this is the week to do it.
This photo is from Friday. Steve and I drove up to Monterey for his birthday and hit the aquarium. From the deck (?) outside the aquarium I could see this egret way off in the distance, seemingly standing on the water. I'd never seen that before (and egrets are practically the national bird of er, the county at least. ha.). He flew off after a while and found another kelp stand. And then another. Smart bird.

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Steffe said...

It all evens out in the end.

Birds are very smart. Even Swans I have heard!