Sunday, January 18, 2009

suze orman challenge

day in the life: lunch money, originally uploaded by emdot.

A week ago Suze Orman issued Americans a challenge.

  • For one day, don't spend any money
  • For one week, don't use your credit card
  • For one month, don't eat out in restaurants.
We are up for the challenge!

The first two challenges are pretty easy for me. One day? No problem! No credit cards? No problem.

But a month without eating out? It's safe to say that I have not done that in 30 years (and I am not exaggerating). One week would be a challenge for me. One month? HUGE!

I'm for it. We started yesterday. Wish us (me!) luck. :)


Bodhi47 said...

so hows that going. If I couldn't eat out I'd starve.

emdot said...

We finished it! It was both really hard and really easy... Hard only a few times when I was extremely lazy or at work without lunch. :)

It was an excellent experiment and it got me cooking. :) I even made (gasp) complete dinner from scratch last week. :)

As a reward, I got a new ring which I love and wear and am constantly reminded that I finished this challenge.

You could *easily* do this, Mitch. :)