Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day

my dad is very political, originally uploaded by emdot.

My dad probably doesn't know this (but I will tell him today when I call him): my dad song is Blue Sky by the Allman Brothers. My dad loves the Allmans. Me too. And he loves that song. Me too. And it always makes me think of him.

My three favorite father/daughter songs:

  • Daugher by Louden Wainwright III
    that's my daughter in the water / everything she owns i bought her
  • Daughters by John Mayer
    fathers, be good to your daughters / daughters will love like you do
  • Father and Daughter by Paul Simon
    as long as one and one is two / there could never be a father / who loved his daughter more than I love you

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Katie May J. said...

Cool to see your dad!