Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ann marie

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listen up

All day long I think of things I want to blog. Sometimes I'm smart enough to write them down. But somehow actually getting these things to my blog has been a little more challenging... new schedules mean new time slots for the things that used to come whenever I pleased.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the morning listening to KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, which I used to blog about frequently back in the Dub-Ay days. Cool new offerings = two daily podcasts. So go go go now and either sign up for your daily earfest or make a note to check in on them daily.

NPR (KCRW's mothership?) is also in on the daily yum yum with a song of the day pick. While not a podcast and not downloadable, worth the trip and the visit. What I like about their songs is that they are not all new. Some of them require quite a reach back. And that's nice too. It's enough to make you go go go now and take a little listen.

This morning I got wind of a really cool mix for you to download: The Art of Whistling - DJ Papa. It's aweome and totally worth the time of the 72MB download. So go go go now and get your whistling earfest.

And finally, my friend Steve's friends have a new musical incarnation called The Submarines. Some of you have already gotten the link from me, but I'm here to pass it on to the lot of you. Great story behind them, too. Maybe it tells it on the site. Don't miss their Peace and Hate song which I love.

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