Sunday, April 23, 2006

the problem with protests

There is a protest happening at the park right now. I know because I can hear them. Two people with a bull horn each chanting "What do we want?" and the crowd shouts back "muhm-ble pluh-flum!" "When do we want it?" duet the bullhorns. "NOW!" cries the crowd.

I wish I could hear more clearly what they are wanting.

But it's easy to guess isn't it? Peace perhaps? US out of Iraq? Probably. A little leg up for immigrants? Probably not, but you never know.

And here is the problem with peace rallies: they are preaching to the choir. People of like-mindedness say "yes yes! solidarity! yes!" and the people of unlike-mindedness say "shut the fuck up you stupid hippies."

Cuz rallies like these don't work anymore.

What do we want/when do we want it? Jeez louise people -- that's like saying rock-and-roll music is what was on the charts forty years ago. Why is it that the peace rallies have not evolved? Grown? They are so tired and done that there is no impact. None. They lack originality. And plus, people can't hear you (usually) through your words of righteous indignation. The ears just shut down.

Now, the Latinos, they are being smart. School walk out? Hot damn, (I'm serious) that is something. Not showing up for work? That is something. Showing solidarity for your illegally here but really hardworking bretheren? THAT IS SOMETHING.

But "what do we want? when do we want it?" Not so much.

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