Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm hungry and I've been at work a long time!

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I should go. Tom is cooking up grub and me, Cami, and Dan are all gonna partake in the eating of said grubbery. And then we're going to the movies to see Prairie Home Companion. That's if I can keep my eyes open long enough to sit in a theater when it is all cozy and dark and sleep sounds so good and I just worked almost ten hours and this morning I got up before the crack of dawn to drive from L.A. to SLOtown.

Phew. Big day. Fun weekend.

I've had this fixation on L.A. for a couple of years now and I swear to god none of my friends or family ever want to go play there with me. So, extra bonus points to be hanging with someone who lives there. Steve and I got on bikes and rode around Silverlake and caught a movie at the Vista. We went to a surprise party for his friend Ela. We caught the Hollywood Farmer's Market and we went to dinner with Orrin and Stacey. Fun fun fun. I was sad to leave. I didn't want to leave. Hence the staying until Monday morning.

June Gloom is in full swing. It finally lightened up some time around 1PM here (typical; expected) and right now the hills outside my office window are glowing goldy-greeny and the sky is a faint purple-ish pinky blue.

And I'm still oh so hungry so I best be putting my camera, lip glass, cell phone and CD back in my purse. Make sure I've got my keys. And head on out of here. Dinner + friends + movie await.

xoxo to all.

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