Friday, June 30, 2006

what's standing between you and your true nature?

The Dzogchen masters are acutely aware of the dangers of confusing the absolute with the relative. People who fail to understand this relationship can overlook and even disdain the relative aspects of spiritual practice and the karmic law of cause and effect. However, those who truly seize the meaning of Dzogchen will have only a deeper respect for karma, as well as a keener and more urgent appreciation of the need for purification and for spiritual practice. This is because they will understand the vastness of what it is in them that has been obscured, and so endeavor all the more fervently, and with an always fresh, natural discipline, to remove whatever stands between them and their true nature. — Sogyal Rinpoche
Okay, so that is a bit esoteric and not-beginning Buddhist related at all. Yet, it is still so applicable.

How many times do you get so mired in the details that you lose focus of the big picture?

How often do you lose sight of who you are, your true nature?

Sometimes I feel like I'm walking around with dirty glasses. I get so used to seeing things through scratches and dust... Or I begin to believe the distortion of the lens. Maybe if we all just took our glasses off. What would that be like.

(Cynics and naysayers and eyerollers stop reading now). What if we were to commit to one day of believing in our true nature? Really wrapping our arms around it, embracing it, marveling at it?

My hunch is that it would be a pretty spectacular day. And I bet those around you would like it better too.

(So that isn't really what the Sogyal Rinpoche quote was about, but it's been on my mind, so there you have it.)

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