Friday, June 02, 2006

why i love flickr

this photo rocks my little world.

fucked up eyes

something is wrong with my eyes.


this is not good, as i am offiating a wedding tomorrow. i knew something was going wrong yesterday when they itched itched itched itched. and no, it's not allergies. i know my eyes. and i don't get that type of allergy anyway. this kind of freaked me out this morning as the last thing i want is to be crazy contagious for the wedding. or eye weepy of the not tear-kind.

why do things like this always happen when a big event rolls around?

more proof that god is a cruel god. if there was a god. which i don't know.

anyway. this eye thing has left me exhausted. and there feels like pressure behind them and they itch like hell and they are weepy and bloodshot (you see where i'm going with this right?). and i couldn't get an appointment with the doctor which meant sitting in a waiting room for two hours or more and i already went to the doctor this week and i don't want to go back. [but i have been informed and reminded to not fuck around when it comes to crazy contagiousness and eyes and so to the waiting room i go. rzzl frzzl.]

this is a bit of a verbal subdued tantrum i am throwing right now. meanwhile i must be better by this evening, the rehearsal dinner. i mean, i must. there are no options. and sevens is coming into town (yea!) and i don't want to be sick. no sick. no sick.

and it is hot. really freaking frickin frackin flackin flightjackin hot. too hot.

and and and...

on and on.

bright spot of the day? the photo above. so lovely. so lovely. and i know i will get better. i have to. i must. there are no other options.


4:45pm: I'm non contagious! Can I get a collective phew?! Thank you. I was seriously sweating that out. Eye drops with instructions to take it easy. Chill out. Mellow. I love that prescription. ;)

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