Thursday, October 26, 2006

just playing with the flash

just playing with the flash, originally uploaded by sesame ellis.

Okay. I am in a bad mood. A bitter, dark mood. Which is so strange because only hours ago I was feeling like the world was my oyster. Now? I'm feeling bitey and snippy and don't put your hands near my mouth cuz you are likely to lose a finger (inside joke: waiting for sevens to show me his missing digit -- he loses it frequently and not because i am bitey and snippy; he just has bad finger luck.).

Anyhow. I'm getting ready to leave work (have already wrapped up) and decided to quickly check my email before i leave for my long (long! long!) (okay,not long at all) journey home. And my sister sent me a forward (which I typically am not a fan of) that was all animals in halloween costumes.

And this is what I learned:

When grumpy and bitter and bitey and snippy LOOK AT ANIMALS DRESSED UP IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. I'm serious. I cracked my first smile in what must have been hours (HOURS, PEOPLE!!).

And then I thought, hmmm... I wonder if my Flickr Favorites folder would have worked also?

So I fired up Ye Ol' Flickr stream and clicked on my Favorites. Okay -- I confess, the animals in halloween get up had probably already loosened my facial muscles and taken some bite out of the biteyness. However, photo after photo just loosened my bad mood mode.

Also, the fact that it was going home time probably didn't hurt, either.

Anyway. I've told you before, but I'll tell you again -- my favorites folder is a wonderful place. You should check them out. If even for the length of time it takes to listen to a favorite song. Yeah. So do that. Turn on your iTunes. Choose a favorite song (preferably lopey or mellow), and watch my favorites as part of a slide show.

And you'll feel better, too.

» Recommended song: I'll Be on the Water by the Akron Family
» My Flickr Favorites as a slidehow.

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