Tuesday, October 17, 2006

soft spot

soft spot, originally uploaded by emdot.

i guess it sounds bad to say you love your own photo. but i love this photo.

saturday i had the day to myself while sir sevens was a-slavin' away. so i read the paper and read my book and went to lunch and went shopping and took photos around silverlake.

this was an odd chair in the women's room in a little restaurant called Flor Morena. (note: Flor Morena has amazing french toast; they let me sample it).

little things i love

  • people running for the bus (and catching it)
    it's just so cute. and very human. and sweet when the bus driver waits
  • autumn morning light
    it can't be beat
  • walking to work
  • walking home from work
  • thinking that maybe my sister will work on campus
    cross your fingers
  • croissants
    a little too much

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