Tuesday, October 31, 2006

unmakeupfying after halloween

unmakeupfying after halloween, originally uploaded by emdot.

coming clean

November is a big month for me cuz I'm making some pledges.

Pledge one: NaBloPoMo — blog posting every day for the month of November (and totally looking forward to it).

Pledge two: DIET AND EXERCISE. For real, but only for 61 days. Me and diets? We've had our ups and downs (mostly downs). One of the problems is that it feels too daunting; too neverending; too totally lacking in a light at the end of the tunnel. So, being an unrealistic masochist, I am choosing to put things into overdrive for November and December -- that's right -- just in time for the holidays.

But I have the enthusiasm. So, that, coupled with my notorious 10-week attention span; and then coupled with me telling my plan to the Internets (later you can The Google it), I figure I at least have a chance.

And a chance is all I need.

That and fewer understatements.


And finally, here are me and 7s pre-the cleaning:

esteban y maria

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