Thursday, September 20, 2007

sea of color

sea of color, originally uploaded by emdot.

I suppose it's bad to have a crush on your own photograph. But I heart this photo. I'm not one of those people who gravitates to color (so much as light -- I could photograph a white wall with light reflections on it for hours), so I guess this is a surprising photo for me to have taken. but i really really like it. i guess this is more that I just really really liked her chalk drawing. and her outfit was great too.

This is a completely random posting
(to warn you).

  • I love Lambchop
    They just came on my iPod. They make me happy. I'm so glad I found them. And "C'mon" and "No you c'mon" have been two of my favorite and most listened to CDs for the last few years. Years. I need to get more music.

  • I got a new iPod
    And I'm very exicted about it. :) I really made out like a spoiled bandit for my birthday. I'm old enough where I should not be so spoiled. That is the thought I keep thinking anyway. I got an awesome and very cool lens for my Canon S2 IS (who knew you could even do that?). I got a Crumpler bag. I got a GREAT book (Eat Pray Love). I got a handmade mug that I have been coveting for about 15 years. I got some very cool beads to make earrings with. I got a homemade necklace that everyone stops me to ask me about. And I got some cash from some generous family folk that allowed me to get a new iPod. It's silver, classic, and 80 GB. You know how people love their iPhones? That's how I love my new iPod. :)

  • Things I'm looking forward to downloading: more Pema talks. And I heard that you can download things like the Dalai Lama's talks at Stanford or something like that. I'm all over it. My iPod is like my little buddhist scroll filled with pithy wisdom. And songs you can shake your booty too. Buddha and booty. Not a bad combination.
And then there was a strange email I got addressed to webmaster@mycompanyname' It went like this:
"Can someone pass on to enginereing and Mr Walsh that I have thought about my new element research and as a matter of fact ,the last time I was on your campus a cop pointed a gun at me and all that cop stuff they did to me so forget it ,people get shot on collage campuses I dont need it to be me,you people realy bring me down!!!!!!!!
Um. Dude? I think you sent this to the wrong place. The wrong webmaster at the wrong place of employment. I have no idea who or what or where or god only knows why.

But has made me chuckle for most of the afternoon. Especially this part: and all that cop stuff they did to me. Which probably makes me a sick bastard, but I can't help myself.


Eli Edmundson said...

I like this photo a lot! Also wondering if you have any favorite Buddhist podcasts I should look for. Sounds like you made out like a bandit on your b-day, congrats!

emdot said...

Eli -- thanks! :)

Regarding Buddhism, I'm really into Pema Chodron's Getting Unstuck. I can't recommend it enough. I want to buy it for everyone I know. I've listened to it at least five times and each time get something new from it. :)

REALJimBob said...

"cop stuff"? Did they force him to watch them eat donuts or something?

Leighton Cooke said...

Great shot. I love all the colours.

KatieKate said...

Too bad that sidewalk couldn't have been varnished or something so the colour would never wash away. Would it not be a lovely place to walk, forever?