Sunday, September 02, 2007

this i believe

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"I believe in strange blessings, because taking away my house brought me home."
I think this is one of my favorite "This I believe's" yet. A young woman who moves back to Louisiana to help her family rebuild after their home was destroyed by Katrina. No privacy, very little money and the embarrassment of having to say "i live with my parents." But these things have actually brought her more peace, more fitness, more enjoyment.

This one really touched me.

Sometimes I think we have all so solidly bought into what is "adult," what is appropriate, what is expected, what defines success, meaning and blah blah blah that we erase the thought of staying close to home and investing in committments that really mean something. Family. Hard work. Simplicity.

I love those things.

» Listen or read Robin Baudier's TIB essay called The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home.


Leighton Cooke said...

I agree. When disasters like Katrina bring a family together to rebuild, that is a blessing.

Slight Clutter said...

I love those things to. Thanks for sharing this.

Oh...and...Happy Birthday, Em!

M.C. Glammer said...

Happy belated birthday. I was away so missed the actual day.

I should've just blamed your email being down, huh?

Neil wanted Dan's email address. Did you hear from him?

emdot said...

doc glam -- i haven't heard from neil, but have heard from dan (he's just back from burningman, which i now call burningdan).

thanks for the birthday wishes be and katya. :)

and leighton, blessings and cursings, sometimes too closely linked. :)