Saturday, September 15, 2007

sometimes i get occular migraines

I got one this morning.

I'm really sick of this sick thing. I just feel like my body and soul are all outta whack -- but oh! so! close! to being within whack. close to touching whack. whack nearing.

the way i experience occular migraines: they start as a shimmering in the outside of my peripheral vision. do you know what moire patterns are? it's like a moire pattern in the edge of my vision -- always in the shape of a C. even if i close my eyes i still get the shimmery moire.

there is nothing that happens that lets you know it's going to happen. it just happens. and it doesn't last long. 30 minutes-ish. but now i'm left with a dull achy feeling in my head and i'm just tired of not being easily carefree healthy.

on wednesday i was hit with a serious case of exhaustion. like thinking was too tiresome. seeing? too tiresome. i went to bed early and then stayed in bed all day on thursday. too tired to flip a page of a book.

what is going on? there is a very big part of me that thinks i need to see an acupuncturist and get all this out of whack back to true. maybe i just need to be trued? perhaps i should see a bike repairperson. :)


Skatĉjo said...

Hey, em. I may have mentioned on [dw] that I also have been plagued with ocular migraines my entire life, although their incidence has gone way down in the last 20 years. But I have had the makings of at least one even this year.

Ever since I went to massage school, though, I've never had one fully develop, and the reason (I'm pretty sure) is that as SOON as I notice one coming on I do two things:

1) Lie down immediately and try to physically relax as much as I possibly can (I mean, really shooting for that "limp noodle" feeling), while...
2) Massaging the back of my neck and occipital ridge (the bony protrusion at the base of the skull).

I swear, for me this makes them go away before they blind me. In the last 20 years I've had a bunch start, but they never get to finish.

Scott (R)
(who thinks it's funny that the "word verification" thingy I have to enter in order to post this is "paink")

emdot said...

that is really good advice, scott. thank you.

i do remember you mentioning it, and i haven't had one in a couple of years. this time i immediately went and laid down and shut my eyes -- definitely helped. next time i'll try the neck rub thing too.

thanks for the comment -- maybe it will help someone else, too. :)