Friday, November 02, 2007

my new, ultra-perfect, keep-yer-paws-off-of-it waterbottle

I used to be one of those Nalgene Bottle Fan Girls. Seriously. I submitted poetry to their freaking web site. Okay, so they were limericks. Still, I loved me some Nalgene.

But then slowly, throughout a span of years, I got tired of always having to unscrew the lid. I wished that they were "nicer" to bring into professional meetings. And most of all... they were hard to clean (as I tended towards the liter, small-mouth bottle over the larger-mouthed version). And and and. I don't know. I lost my love of Nalgene.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed two of my best friends sporting some new looking bottles. Camelbacks. Hmmm. I was intrigued.

See... I haven't been drinking enough water. Not even close. And I gotta admit, I wonder if my lack of water drinking contributed to my problems with my now-gone gall bladder. Maybe if I'd been drinking enough water, my digestion would have been better and I never would have had this problem.

And then there is the problem of energy -- lack of energy. Me? No energy. I'm pretty good in the mornings... but M - F? When I get off of work? Dawn of the Dead. Or Dusk of the Dead. Whatever. Key point = dead. Walking dead.

So I've decided that November is the month for me to take some positive steps to regain my energy and get my M-F evenings back.

Step one = buy a killer water bottle that I really love to drink out of.

Step one = total success. Yesterday I drank about a gallon and a half. Okay. Or a gallon. Or almost a gallon. Damn near a gallon. A lot.

And it was fun. :)

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