Monday, November 05, 2007

taking my own advice

busy bee resting, originally uploaded by emdot.

this weekend i linked to an article about beating burn out. first piece of advice was to take vacation asap.

i think i knew that implicitly as i had set up november in a way that made me high-five myself. i only have four-day (or less) work weeks for the entire month. i took a four-day weekend this weekend. then i work four days - two days off - work four days - three day weekend - work four days - two days off - work three days - thanksgiving vacation (four days off).

this means i love november.


Jenn said...

And I love November (this one, anyways) because it is my 'extra paycheck' month. :)

emdot said...

Extra paycheck trumps days off. Easily. ;)

Caryn said...

Good for you! (Hurriedly checking my remaining vacation days against my schedule...)