Wednesday, November 07, 2007

office stretching

salt, originally uploaded by emdot.

Do you know what I love about libraries? ILL. Which has nothing to do with feeling sick, but stands for Interlibrary loan. Which means that if your library doesn't have the book you are looking for, they can probably get it for you from another library.

My library loans and borrows from libraries all around the world. China. Europe. Bakersfield. :)

Today I got a book from ILL called Office Stretching and I am oh so excited about it. Me? Doing 60 seconds or so of stretching every hour or so. 60 by 60 you could call it. Or I could call it. 60 by 60.

It took me years to figure this out, but sitting in a chair for a million hours in a row just isn't great on yon body. Who knew?

I'll be sharing office stretches, thoughts and strategies later in the week.


Jenn said...

I should pay more attention to stretching at the office. After a couple hours on the same task, I find I'm all hunched over, pounding on the keyboard. I should be taking breaks, stretching my body and my mind.

Udge said...

Yes please! I too have finally reached the same conclusion.

r.bean said...

I.L.L. also = I Love Libraries!

...psss...also loving micro stretching strategy...seems I can only make changes in micro steps.

emdot said...

i love the idea of micro steps. :) (hi bean!)

hi jenn and udge. yes -- stretching at the office... this should be the new craze. office stretching. i'll link to the book and some other stuff soon. :)