Monday, January 04, 2010

this life. it will end.

Dancers at a gathering, originally uploaded by *CA*.

and that pisses me off.

and further impoliteness, i have recently said in other nether regions of the intertubes:

(meh. i shouldn't add a negative twist. i always loved getting older and then i passed some line -- not an age line but a ... hmmm... just a whatthefuck line and now i donotlikeitatall and age can gofuckitself and oh no now i'm just a typicalwoman. FUCK! arghh. poo. etc.)
whatevs. so sue me. that's a pretty honest insight into me who is usually abnormally pollyannaroseyglasses.


Skatĉjo said...

I so totally know exactly what you are talking about. Aargh. - Scott (R)

emdot said...

maybe it's just a typicalhuman thing. :) xo(r). :)

onceuponasunflower said...

That picture is amazingly creepy and yet beautiful at the same time.

M.C. Glammer said...

I'm 50 now.

So shut up, Whiney McWhine, the Whiney Young Upstart.