Sunday, March 27, 2005

Four colorful visitors

Four colorful visitors, originally uploaded by complexify.

This afternoon my mom, grandmother and I had a delicious lunch at a little bakery (my favorite) and then went and caught the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the Palm Theatre. I guess you could say we are non-traditional holiday celebrators.

The movie really touched me -- I'm sure it touched everyone who saw it. I love birds. I mean, I'm not the craziest birder in America -- or even SLO -- or even my block -- by a long shot. But I do enjoy them. And this movie, like Winged Migration, let's you into the bird world a little bit, to see the relationships and personalities.

I recommend seeing it. You should. Please do.

After winged migration I became really fascinated with cranes. Cranes of all kinds. Talk about your beautiful birds. In the states we have Sandhill cranes that winter mostly in Nebraska (tho some winter in Cali, as well) and then head to Canada and Alaska during the summer. I would love to see a crane.

And lately I'm having a new fascination with pelicans. They are like a prehistoric throwback. A mixture of committed goofiness and exotic stateliness. I saw someone somewhere call them the 747 of the birdworld. That cracked me up. They are big.

So many movies to see right now. On my list of can't waits:

» The Ballad of Jack and Rose
» Les Choristes
» Millions
» Travelers and Magicians

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