Friday, March 25, 2005


What!, originally uploaded by sitarbuck.

good morning all and happy friday!

what a great morning i'm having. first of all, the sun is shining big and beautiful and i love those long morning shadows. second, me and kb mosied on down to lin-nay-nay for breakfast treats. mmmmm... double tall latte hello morning! and topped it with breakfast burritos. third, we saw a couple of guys obviously on vacation, traveling up the coast on their motorcycles... taking photos of each other. i offered to take photos for them and they were so nice and appreciative and had really cute british accents.

but more than anything i think it's just fun conversation with a really good friend. great way to start the day.

how cute is this photo? sitarbuck (the photog) is one of my contacts and i found him when one of his photos showed up in the "everyone's stream." it was of his wife "walking" their dog... only the dog was running so fast and jumping that it looked more like she was flying a kite in the shape of a dog.

it's the little things that amuse me, i'm telling you.

okay -- off! -- am going to help out a friend today at her place of work. more friend time. yippee!

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