Tuesday, December 11, 2007

5.365 | work window

5.365 | work window, originally uploaded by emdot.

My friend Steve C. in South Africa is starting down the GTD path (go Steve!). This morning in an email he asked me what tools I'm using (he uses Thinking Rock). Here's my reply:

I use pen and paper mostly. I am a fanatic about the filing system. And I also use a wiki called tiddlywiki made for GTD called GTDMonkey or some such. It is okay. It works for me, but I've heard about other GTD tools that work better. Are you familiar with Merlin Mann's hipster PDA? I like that a lot.

What I've fully adopted:
  • using a labeler (not hard as i LOVE labelers)
  • right-sided manila folders (right tabs, i mean, only)
  • next action steps
  • tickler file (although i HATE the term tickler file)
    (i also hate the term "tiddlywiki")
What is harder for me
  • planning/scheduling/sticking to calendar items (like x hours at this time to work on project y)
The above is a pic of me at the start of my work day last week. I started participating in a Flickr group project called 365 Days where you take a self-portrait every day for a year. So, if you are interested in that, you can see my ever-evolving set here.

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craniac said...

Not so successfully right now, I might add. As you know I got the audio book and ripped it to MP3 and then via MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter to the iPod M4B audio book format. This format is supposed to allow the iPod to remember the position in the file it left off at, but I have always had a problem with my iPod not doing that. I have now listened to sections of the book several times because the iPod keeps losing my place. This morning when I got into the car I was so frustrated to see that it had jumped back to the beginning of the file again, that I started listening to an episode of The Digital Photography Show instead. I think I will have more luck with a playlist of the MP3 files instead of the M4B files.