Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thinking about "Getting Organized" for your New Year's Resolution?

Dog-eared, notated, and page tabbed, originally uploaded by emdot.

Why not start reading Getting Things Done now? It's an easy read and pretty motivational. And then you'll be good to go for implementing the plan on Jan 1, or even taking advantage of slow days between holidays. :)


craniac said...

I bought the book a few months ago but like many others it is lying in the pile of books I never have the time to read. So, because I need help with getting my life organised, and this book seems a good way to do it, I bought the audio book too. I'll be able to listen to it while commuting. Then I can use the printed book for referring back to.

emdot said...

proof that you are a smart cookie, craniac. craniac the brainiac.

you know... i'm not sure it will appeal to everyone and i do tend to love rah-rah you can do it books, so maybe that is why i love it so much?

but even if you don't buy into the whole bit of it, you might find even just one tool to incorporate... that's what i did for a long time and even that helped quite a bit.

craniac said...

I've been following the Inbox Zero principles that Merlin Mann spoke about in his talk at Google and that has helped quite a bit.