Monday, December 03, 2007

Two Things

Thing one.

I love many things about the place where I work. One of them, is that to get to my office I have to pass a row of "Browsing" books every morning. These are recently released, non-academic books. It's like a little reading nosh table. This morning I picked up In an Instant by Lee and Bob Woodward. Last week I picked up Shakespeare by Bill Bryson. It's the little things.

In the elevator, going up to said office, I opened the book up and my eyes fell on this:
Love is in the heart, not the head.
That slayed me. Right there in the elevator. Such a little, but awesome, reminder and a great way to start the work week.

Thing two.

I am not embarrassed to say here (again) that I am an Angel fanatic. I came across it (via 7s) long after the damn show had stopped airing, but oh so many DVDs and oh so much time. We picked up Season 1 this weekend at Best Buy and had Angel mini-marathons during and after dinner. Anyway, the last episode we watched last night featured super silly self-help. BUT parts still resonated. Like this:
Anger is just disguised fear.
That is the truth people. Though I would add disguised sadness, too. It's something that I believe. And I felt strangely validated when they said it last night in the show, even though they were poking fun.


Fletcher Gravy said...

Yes, anger is disguised fear; I am (was) a posterboy for that; I used to be so angry all the time; I was so unsure of myself; I still do get angry when I am forced into a position where I feel I don't belong; it is the fear of the miss step; it is the fear of the mistake (and the catching thereof) that can still make me blow up. (I love semicolons!)

emdot said...

I also love semi-colons, Fletcher! :)

It makes so much sense, I think... the fear anger thing.

For me, it is the fear of being left out. Oh man. Or the fear of not being able to do anything about a situation. Oh man oh man!

But mostly, as the female I am, I am very uncomfortable with anger. So I stuff it.

Interesting stuff. (wait. no pun intended). :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)