Tuesday, November 04, 2008

i voted and then i bought a new pair of boots

Step One: vote. check.

Step Two: acknowledge as you pull out of polling place parking lot that the metal-on-metal sound you hear tearing through your brain when applying brakes must be stopped.

Step Three: drive directly to shop; resign self to having to fork over a LOT of money for new brakes and probably new rotors.

Step Four: get to work.

Step Five: send file to printers; big project finally going to press. Yea! Plus, added bonus of no last-minute rush around problems.

Step Six: Get call from shop: brakes will be about $250 LESS than you anticipated.

Step Seven: thank your sweet stars above.

Step Eight: car's ready; go get it.

Step Nine: Reward self for most awesome day with new boots even though you went in for new maryjane's and they cost about $85 more than you planned to pay.

Step 10: try not to gloat too much about how awesome today is because you still have election coverage tonight and we really do not know how tonight will turn out but oh my god please please please let it be Barack Obama.

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