Friday, November 07, 2008

New desk set up requires new plants

New desk set up requires new plants, originally uploaded by emdot.

Yesterday I got a new computer at work. (I swear, this week has not been the best for non-distractions). It's a Mac -- my first work Mac in NINE years. Yea! Back into the fold I go. :)

So today I took some time to clean up/off my desk -- get the old computer and dual monitors off the desk, rearrange some things for Optimum Work Environment (tm emdot). And to reward myself I went and bought two new little plants to make the place look even better.

Plants are very good for you in your work space. :)

And there is a nursery (student run) on campus, so I just toodled on up there and picked out my new green, leafy babies. I should name them. Plant one: Barack. Plant two: Obama.

Okay, maybe not those names, but I really should name them. I'll let you know what I decide.


Steffe said...

In the book I'm reading at the moment the office workers gets really exited every time they rearrange their office space. Perhaps you have read it? Then we came to the end by Joshua Ferris.

emdot said...

thanks for the tip, steffe. i hadn't heard of it. :)