Saturday, April 11, 2009

and finally spring pushes my heart out the door

bask, originally uploaded by emdot.

It's so beautiful and warm and wonderful right now. I wish there was an outdoor yoga class in SLO, because that sounds perfect.

Also perfect = saturday morning coffee with kb, also sitting in the sun. Thanks KB. :)

Also also perfect? Get together last night at our house. Home full of friends and smiles and food and drink. And we all cleaned up last night so I woke up to a clean house. Clean house, fun night, bright sunny morning... and I ask you... what more could make you smile wide on a Saturday?

Well, probably the list is long. But I am quite content with this.


And why "spring pushes my heart out the door"? I dunno. Just feels like it's time to MOVE and DO and JUMP and laugh. No big deal, no little deal. Just is and I'm loving it.

Also, could simply be the third cup of coffee. :)

Life I love you.

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