Thursday, April 09, 2009

dear erin and suzanne

My friend Bonnie posted this to Facebook this morning and it transported me back to those days with Erin when we would sing sing sing in all of the harmonies we could think of over and over. And then a few years later my friend songbird was Suzanne. Once we were walking home from the bars in SLO and found this great acoustic area under an awning/overhang. We stood there at 2:00 in the morning singing our hearts out.

Later that night we ran into a new housemate was moving into the stab. Suze and I were still up hanging out. He stopped when he saw us and said, were you the two girls singing in the streets in the middle of the night? Beautiful.

I love this video. It just brought all that back.


sohman160 said...

Thanks Mar!
And for you I will always sing the high parts. And I will always sing quietly enough to hear you sing.
And I will always recall driving the Toyota Van to Telluride Colorado(vanillaroma scented!) whenever I hear Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Michelle Shocked-Short Sharp Shocked Poi Dog Pondering-Volo Volo
And of course the quintessential cd (cassette!) for singing along to at 80 miles an hour whilst looping Turtle Rock will always be
kd lang-Absolute Torch &Twang.

emdot said...

exactly! yes! i love you suzchk!

patrick said...

Big smile here!