Saturday, April 04, 2009

clear unfettered space

today i'm doing dishes and listening to Pema Chodron. she says the following and i have to stop doing the dishes, dry my hands, find a pen, find some paper, rewind my ipod and listen and listen again to write it down. and now i share it with you.

This profound, deep restlessness, the Buddhist explanation is that it's because we are always seeking ground... that's the basis of what we call self absorption or ego clinging. Always seeking something to hold on to. And what the Buddhist teachings say is that the fundamental state actually is always changing, fluid and open. That the natural state is that it's unfixated and open and that there really is nothing to hold on to.

And that is not bad news.

And that there is no reason to freakout about this, but we all seem to be programmed in denial.

We don't like the insecurity.

Someone said insecurity is ego's take on Wide Open Clear Unfettered Fresh Space.

And we find that extremely uncomfortable.


romanlily said...

Two comments:

(1) The fact that you listen to Pema Chodron while doing the dishes makes me love you.
(2) The fact that you will stop doing the dishes so you can write down something she says makes me love you more.

This quote really hits home with me today. I got some surprising news last night -- nothing lifechanging or dramatic or bad -- but just news about a person in my life. it sent me scrambling back to my camp, scrambling for a foothold. Thank you posting this. I think it's something I instinctively knew but really needed to be reminded of.

emdot said...

you know, i really appreciate your comment, c. thank you. i send you best thoughts -- and hopes of great balance as the ground continues to shift. :)