Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In case I forget

» UPS Whiteboard Site

If you know me, you know I love whiteboards. Love. Lurve. Luff. Lub. Lub the whiteboards. So, it only makes sense that I love the UPS whiteboard ads. The link above is a cool (mostly -- at one point the navigation makes my teeth start splintering) subsite UPS has done all around their whiteboard ad campaigns. Mostly brilliant. Don't miss the ads.


r.bean said...

ok, for pre-lims- the world only spins cause ems saw "You + Me + Everyone We Know" yes?
Miranda July makes a book now.
...and a website for the book.
....but the website is all about whiteboards/dry erase boardsish.


emdot said...

yes yes! i saw that a little while ago and swooned by myself as i ate my lunch and admired her lofi cleverness. :)

BUT -- i never saw y+m+ewk. i rented it. but it didn't get watched. :(

r.bean said...

you may actually cry with joy! what excitement that this awaits you!

and now....more whiteboard love!