Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Morning Link Line-up

(all links found via kottke)

» Listening to Words

First of all, I really love the title of this site because when it is run all togrther, as it is both in the URL and in the logo, it is listeningtowords which reminds me of listening towards. (Yes, this is how my mind works.)

Listening to Words is a lecture-share site. You can "find, listen, and discuss free lectures from around the web." Really smart. Definitely going into my

(whoa. and just did that -- saved to delicious -- and did they change their interface? i hope not, but what i just saw was slightly irritating; i had to sign in (i'm always signed in) and my list of all tags to the right was gone. hrmmm).

» Big Box Watch

This is a map of the states with color-coded graphical pins to show you where the next Best Buy, Home Depot and Wal-Mart is going in.

Okay, to be fair, it also lists the new Ikeas and Targets. Here's the deal: I love Ikea and Target. Am I hypocrite to loathe big box stores but applaud when Ikea/Target get closer to my zip code? Probably.

» New Yorker: Adam Gropnik on the VT shootings

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