Thursday, April 12, 2007


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I can't wait to get my paws on the new Iacocca book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone? We (USA) really need a kick in the butt to what is going on around us. I've been hoping for a leader who could spearhead us moving into the right direction. I hope this book is part of a new American attitude.

Meanwhile, who's got it all wrong? Tom DeLay. Talk about needing a kick in the butt. A couple of weeks ago I heard him interviewed on NPR and something he said there has stuck in my craw leaving me with a bad taste and a real disappointment in the attitude of one of our national leaders.

When asked why he wouldn't take meetings with the Democrats DeLay said, "why would I want to meet with the enemy."

I seriously couldn't believe my ears.

We are in a sad state of affairs when our government leaders see people with differing view points as "the enemy."

But what really stuck in my mind is how spiritually bereft the comment is. DeLay is a born-again Christian. I guess I expect more love, respect, empathy, and compassion when somebody says they are a born-again Christian. Jesus taught love, my brothers, so get on board.

In Junior College I had a teacher lecture on Martin Buber one time. One time. And that one lecture has made a huge, indelible impression on me. I and thou. I and thou. I and thou.

Sometimes I think that's what's wrong with our country. We've become "us" and "them." Those guys. They did it. Them. Them. Them.

So often I think we really are all on the same side with the same concerns and basic human decency. But this "them" attitude keeps us afraid, isolated, and spiritually empty.

So to DeLay I want to send Iacocca's new book and a big wish for "I and thou."


TRES CEE said...

the truth is that Delay is and was right, the Truth is that here in the South, we see, evidence from the Civil War till now, that the war has not ended between the North and the South, there are People who are aware and will admit it but they are rare,
I have personally talked to two or three, one of whom is now a U.S. Senator, or was, from Either Vermont or New Hampshire, He was my Room mate in Italy, in The Year 1967.
He was a Language Specialist, Russian or Chinese, he had been retrained and was an Electronic Tech in Italy in the Usaf Security Services Group I was in there.
He told me it was and is a War, an economic one since the Civil War.
I did not believe him, but after watching a Series of Incidents over a long period of Time, I have come to that Conclusion.

Stephan said...

"Why would I want to meet with the enemy" of course describes the Republican leadership's (if you care to call it that) approach to pretty much any problem, from Cindy Sheehan to Patrick Fitzgerald to Kim Jong Il to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. More than just being un-Christian, it's likely going to lead us straight to World War III...