Wednesday, April 25, 2007

speekina the whole compound construction falling dramatically to pieces...

Roger Ebert is hands down my new hero. And with regards to the Sogyal Rinpoche quote below, Ebert's going to be ahead of the game, as he can already separate himself from his body. I wish I had more of that.

One more thing, too, about something else I wrote below. I wish my mouth stayed shut more often. Cuz isn't it right when you are so sad or hurt or frustrated that the most asshole-ish things come out of your mouth? That's my experience. Yesterday I had a 5-second lapse into asshole-ish-ness and man, that always makes me feel terrible afterwards. And probably the only person I hurt was myself. ENOUGH with the internal jib-jab fest already! :)

And one more one more thing... Alec Baldwin. I'm so out of touch with celebrity-news-a-thons that I didn't hear about the Baldwin thing until Monday. And you know what? The whole thing sucks. It sucks that he let his temper take over. It sucks that he verbally treats his daughter that way. It sucks that that tape was leaked. It sucks that the leakage of that tape just compounded the confusion of their relationship. It sucks that divorcing parents can suck it up and try freaking harder.

But it really sucks for that girl. Not just because her dad was verbally abusive (and I had a verbally abusive stepfather, so I know what I'm talking about), but because a whole lot of extra garbage just got thrown in on top of her. Having to choose sides between parents. Having to not let the other parent know who she's siding with. Having such embarrassments hung out for the whole world to see -- such humiliation. And maybe making this a bigger script in her life than it needed to be.

Good lord, who put the chatterbox pills into my finger's coffee? Someone. Please. Make the fingers stop typ

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